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WebFocus Developer

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WebFocus Developer / Consultant:
Analyze & develop basic user requirements for new or enhanced data marts, analytic applications, information solutions, or reports.

Develop data models that meet user requirements and conform to specified  Information Architecture.
Create system designs and develop technical specifications to document these system designs.
Develop new information solutions or solution enhancements in accordance with user requirements, technical specifications and internal development & quality control standards.
Organize, execute and review results of testing and quality assurance activities associated with solution development and evaluation.
Create technical end user documentation and solution training materials that facilitate user training, user solution acceptance and production support.

Analyze and resolve technical problems incurred for current applications/solutions.
Monitor/support existing information solution operations (e.g., data extract/integration schedules, report generation & distribution, etc.)
Investigate user problems or requests for assistance for supported applications.
Identify, recommend and initiate appropriate corrective action to resolve or remediate issues.

Position Qualifications :
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field (Engineering, Mathematics, etc.).
3 to 5 years minimum work experience developing and implementing Business Intelligence solutions.
Demonstrated ability to transform business needs into technical solutions.

Demonstrated experience with OLAP- based reporting, query & analysis, and data visualization (dashboard) applications. Understanding of Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse & Data Integration concepts, terminology, & processes to include:
Data Modeling (dimensional modeling, star schema, hierarchies, keys, etc.)

Information Architecture (processes, data, hardware & software, etc.)
Data Base Physical Design
Data Staging (ETL functions & tools)
Development and support of Analytic Applications (data validation, performance tuning)
Data Mart Deployment, Management and Growth
Prior experience with relational database management systems (eg., Oracle) and database administration.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Ability to perform tasks with limited supervision.
Strong client focus and team orientation. Please submit your resume to

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WebFocus Developer
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Business intelligence (BI) is a versatile, strategic tool that can be applied to many aspects of business operations to drive performance, efficiency, and revenue.



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