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Technology Assessments

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Whether your organization is planning for the future or wrestling with IT issues today, you may need outside expertise to help you identify your goals, assess your current technology/security needs, and map out the right course. Our technology experts have helped companies and organizations of all sizes to assess, plan and manage their technology roadmap.

Quite often an assessment of the existing infrastructure is far down on the list of priorities. However, Integral Tech believes that it is critical to perform an “IT and network checkup” or TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT, on a regular basis. Not only to determine how to improve service delivery and identify hardware that is at the end of its lifecycle, but also to make sure that regulatory requirements are met with respect to employee and customer data.

Our technology Assessment Goals:

bulletDocument your current systems
bulletCompare current systems against best practices
bulletUnderstand your organizational goals

Our technology Assessment Components:

bulletKey employee interviews
bulletData backups and disaster recovery
bulletHardware inventory
bulletTechnology roadmap

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"The team at Integral Systems have always exceeded every expectation on technology projects. They have became our technology partner, not just our vendor, and we are thrilled to have them on our team."

-- Samuel Aike, Vintage Visions, Ghana


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