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Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence and Enterprise Integration Solutions

 Integral Systems & Technologies has the expertise and experience in implementing Business Intelligence (BI) systems to empower your business with the right information at the right time, enabling the better business decisions. Through the speed, ease, and flexibility that BI lends to business analysis and reporting, companies reduce the cost and effort spent on gathering and reporting information. In the process, they gain a tool that provides greater business awareness, business monitoring, and support for decision making. We help you to :

bulletIdentify opportunities for your organization to benefit from the power of BI
bulletIdentify how to extract and consolidate your *raw" data from diverse sources
bulletMake information available where and when you need it through high-performance, reporting, business analysis tools, dashboards, scorecards, and other interactive tools
bulletTap the power of your everyday business data to answer strategic questions

BI serves many routine business functions (financial reporting, sales reporting, employee bonus calculations, accounting trial balance reports, etc). These functions require a variety of tools, including reports, ad hoc query tools, advanced ad hoc query tools, dashboards, and scorecards. A single BI solution serves all of these needs. Our BI and Enterprise Integration Solutions enables provides you with:

bulletIntelligent access to key business data
bulletAutomated management of data-intensive tasks
bulletRich, interactive charts and visual displays
bulletReports delivered in an open-source platform
bulletDeliverables customized for each business unit
bulletEasy output to Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, HTML, and Rich Text Format

For more information about Business Intelligence services offered by Integral Systems & Technologies, please send us an information request or email

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Properly managed, every bit of data collected by your organization can contribute to your success.

We turn information into opportunity by transforming raw business data into actionable insight.

 Refining this valuable information resource effectively allows you to manage corporate performance and make profit-building decisions with more speed and clarity.


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