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Custom Application Development

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Integral Systems & Technologies custom software development services will reduce your software development costs and enhance revenues due to our highly skilled and talented personnel, solid experience in projects of various complexity and scope, well established software development process and strict quality assurance and control.

 We provide comprehensive software development services and follow a detailed Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to ensure proper analysis, documentation, and delivery of customer projects. We deliver on-time and on-budget.

We work with you to:

bulletOutline the solution
bulletDefine the solution architecture
bulletDevelop prototypes for demos to users
bulletDesign the framework of the solution
bulletBuild the solution
bulletValidate the solution against requirements
bulletRolling out the solution across the enterprise
bulletContinuous support for the solution

We approach solution development from a business perspective. Our designs consider target user groups, impact on the internal organization, workflow processes, and technology infrastructure. Our solutions provide business-to-business and system-to-system integration using commercial applications, custom application/database development, and networking and infrastructure services.

By leveraging the Microsoft platform and Visual Studio 2008 for most software and web development initiatives, we are able to deliver tremendous expertise to our customers. We have many years of experience delivering the following types of Custom Development initiatives:

bulletEnterprise Content Management
bulletWeb Applications 
bulletEnterprise SharePoint Portal Implementation
Active Directory Systems implementation
bulletMessaging Services

An effective Enterprise SharePoint Implementation provides you:

bulletPortals and Collaboration
bulletDocument and Records Management
bulletBusiness Intelligence
bulletEnterprise Search
bulletInfoPath Business Forms
bulletWeb Content Management
bulletAn effective mechanism to manage information and avoid information overload
bulletEnhanced productivity by giving you the ability to access and provide information quickly
bulletPersonalization of content based on the needs of stakeholders
bulletReduced risk by ensuring information security and regulatory compliance
bulletIncreased focus on cost and revenue management through reduction of manual and redundant processes

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Our Commitment: Our team of professional technical consultants will assist you in selecting the right custom solution by analyzing functional, technical, operational and financial requirements of your business.

We are committed to the ongoing delivery of software, services, and partnerships to help our customers cost-effectively transform their software delivery processes, with minimum risk and maximum ROI.


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